Wacky animal games since 2017.

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Hey, I’m Andrew, and I make games about silly animals! PICO-8 and LOVE2D are my go-to engines, and I also love creating game manuals, box sets, and books. If you've had fun playing one of my games, let me know! Hearing from you makes my day, every single time. But enough with the introductions. Let’s play!

Our finest work.

Eggnog Games always strives for excellence, but these games take the cake, run off with it, and share a slice with their cartoon animal friends. Seriously, they're really good, you should give them a try!

Super Star Duck

Join Esdee, Flann, and Bean as they fight their way through Nefarious Castle to return peace to Pastureland Zone. Leap through wind currents, throw magical stars, and face off against the Nefarious Wizard and his trusty henchwoman Pickle. Available as a game and as a paperback book.

Leaving the Tree

A challenging single-screen 2D platformer about leaving your home tree for the first time. Available as a free digital download, or in a lovingly-crafted box set with a game manual, character cards, stickers, and a bamboo USB.

Other choice selections.

These games are small, they're cute, and they're packed with heart. They're also free to play, so give them a whirl!

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Hickory Mouse was settling in for a warm winter’s nap on the old quiet grandfather clock, when all of a sudden, the clock went haywire! Dodge the dangerous clock hands, and grab coins to increase your multiplier and get a high score!

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Maze Dog

Maze Land is in trouble! Eight cute birds have vanished into the depths of mysterious hedge mazes. You are Maze Dog, a chubby puppy who loves to nap, dig and bark! Venture into the maze to find the lost birds, and have some snacks along the way.

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Rumors abound about a billionaire's secret coin hoard, hidden up in the cloudtops. That cash could feed the hungry for years, and nobody's gonna notice that it's gone, so Meowlionaire straps on a jetpack and launches into the clouds in search of justice!

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Cat Bandit

Slugs have stolen the world's supply of shiny diamonds, and it's time for a hero to take them back. You are that hero. You are Cat Bandit! Break into Slug Bank, and steal the diamonds back. Do you have what it takes to become a world-class thief?

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Be a bear! Eat berries! Do superjumps! Winter Bear is looking to get chubby for the winter, but pesky snow slugs have invaded her mountain! Toss snowballs at them, and kick 'em to clear each level. But can you survive the entire winter?

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Coffee Bug

Coffee Bug built a coffee shop in the forest, where creatures of all shapes and sizes can come to kick back and relax. Harvest as much coffee as possible, but keep in mind, the sweet aroma of your rich blend has reached the nostrils of some hooligans!

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Lick the Sky

A relaxing arcade climber about a lizard who stared up into the sky and wanted to lick the stars. High scores are based on climbing time, flight time and time latched to shooting stars. Put on some music, relax, and Lick the Sky!

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A Hat on Time

The Conductor's train went off the rails near the desolate plains of Ash Town, so Hat Kid has returned to the planet to make sure her friends are okay, and to find a mysterious relic! Grab all 30 time pieces in this short fangame, based on the game A Hat in Time.

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Cake Cat

You're a cake-loving cat. Eat as much cake as you can while avoiding the ever-increasing donut horde! Try your best to get a high score in this endless arcade game, but don't expect to survive very long!

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U Dead

You're a block with a face. You face an endless hallway of moving walls, and just one hit will end your journey. Navigate the moving walls, and shoot for a high score in this endless arcade runner.

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You're stuck in an asteroid field, but your ship will only turn to the left! Power down on the throttle, mash your lasers, and put your reflexes to the test! Collect all 15 ships, each with its own speed, spin, acceleration, drag, and laser stats.

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Leave behind everyday life, and enter a relaxing, all-inclusive golf experience with randomly-generated levels. Relax and play a game of golf with no dress code, tee times, or expectations. Welcome to PicoPutt.

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Rainball Blast!

Harness the power of color! Collect hats! Be a sentient blob! If you can reach the goal score for each level, you can play the level with a cool hat! Reach the goal score in all four modes to become a Rainball Champion!

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Super Chinchilla Speed Typing Grand Prix 3000

Super Chinchilla Speed Typing Grand Prix 3000 (SCSPTP3000) is a typing game with abstracted racing rules. Stretch those fingers and get practicing, because you're on the road to become the fastest chinchilla typist of all time!

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Robo-Carnie Clicker

Robo-Carnie's ship crashed en route to the Intergalactic Ferris Wheel Convention! Luckily, the ship's money-generating carnival bell survived the fall, but it'll take a lot of hard work to raise the money for a new ship. So hop to it!

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Spoopy! The 10 Haunted Treasures of Halloween

It's midnight on Halloween, and there's a chill in the air. Select your own quest in this text game, navigating 4 areas to find the 10 haunted treasures of Halloween! But ... are you brave enough?

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You're a cute cloud, in charge of a field of star-flowers. Wield your ancient powers over wind and water to nurture your star-flower garden, and pump the field's battery full of electricity! Watch out for missiles and chompers along the way!

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You're Waddleduck, a chubby duck with the heart of a champion! Prove your mettle in 6 minigames by booting moles, stomping on tiles and destroying asteroids! Or, relax in free-play mode and kick some balls around.